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This pto for zf 12 speed 16 speed gear box

The material of this product is

aluminum alloy plus 40CrMu material.

The shape is original, and it can be replaced

directly without modification.

gear box pto for zf 12 speed 16 speed

The exploded diagram is as follows

Matching ZF1650gearbox, the output is in the form of flange,

connected to the drive shaft

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The picture below is an exploded view of plug-in HYVA 8-tooth pump

Match HYVA PUMP 8 teeth


Jinan Bohta offers zf series gearbox accessories, operating from 9 to 16 gears, including gears, synchronizer rings, and gearbox peripherals

The same structure gearbox also has ZF16S151GEARBOX, ZF16S181GEARBOX, ZF16S18221GEARBOX, ZF16S251GEARBOX, their structure is the same, using a single countershaft gearbox design, the overall structure is 2*4*2 structure. 16S151\181\221 is actually similar in structure, but the range of rated input torque is different. It is also divided into direct gear and overdrive gear.

There are still many products waiting to be uploaded in the product update. If you do not see the product you need, please send us an email. The hydraulic department of BOHERTA Auto Parts Co., Ltd. of Jinan City, Shandong Province, China mainly produces and operates HYVA alternatives, HYVA orignal products. Various ZF gearbox power take-offs, various dump truck hydraulic system components, including high-pressure oil pipes, hydraulic oil tanks, air-control distribution valves, air-control valves, and various standard joints.