Bosch Common Rail

  • Bosch Cummins valve assembly F 00R J02 103 FOOR J0 2103


    name Bosch Cummins valve assembly F 00R J02 103 FOOR J0 2103
    Part num F 00R J02 103

    SHF CNHTC FOTON Cummins Yuchai DF Cummins


    stand Bosch Boherta
    Model 1 SFH 0 445 120 361/0 445 120 360
    Model 2 CNHTC 0 445 120 415/0 445 120 321/0 445 120 445
    Model 3 Cummins 0 445 120 416/0 445 120 297 0 445 120 134 yuchai engine 0 445 120 372
    Bosch common rail valve assembly
    Bosch common rail valve assembly factory
    Cummins  8.9L valve assembly
    Cummins F 00R J02 103
    YUTONG BUS valve assembly
    YUTONG BUS F 00R J02 103
    Size 38*15*8cm
    Weight 0.04kg/pcs
    Price(usd) 13.57usd/pcs
    place of origin WUXI city
    Matching For SHACMAN truck F3000 SHACMAN M3000 truck  SHACMAN X3000 truck

    Fonton truck ouman truck

    CAMC truck DFLZ truck

    JAC truck

    Scania dump truck, Volvo dump truck, daf dump truck, Renault dump truck, Tata dump truck, NASDAW dump truck, Iveco dump truck.

    Material High quality ductile iron+rubber
    package Carton
    Minimum package quantity 4pcs\carton
    payment method TT
    Delivery Time 1day
    Supply Capacity 2000/m
  • FOOR J02103 F00V C99002 valve assembly comparison chart

    Valve assembly comparison chart

  • Mask production equipment

    China Mask production line 

    In order to assist the international community to fight the new type of coronavirus, our company temporarily sells mask production equipment, which is a non-woven model and is automated. The product has a compact structure, is easy to put into production, and has a huge output. Hope our world is more perfect, fairer and freer, God bless us

    Fully automatic disposable three-layer mask machine, one for one model: CMZ-121. One for two models: CMZ = 122. This machine uses non-woven fabrics, nose lines, ear bands and other materials to make complete masks. It consists of one It consists of a mask body making machine and an ear band welding machine.

    1 Production plane size: 180mm * 90, quantity: 3 layers
    2 The main frame of the equipment is welded by ultrasonic equipment
    3 The length of the nose line can be adjusted steplessly as needed
    4 Earband length can be adjusted steplessly
    5 Use an ultrasonic device to seal the ear bands on the four corners of the mask body.
    6 Ear band welding width is not less than 89 mm
    7 masks can be embossed on the outer layer, size 6.5mm * 4mm
    8 Material rack suitable for carrying 3 layers of non-woven fabric and metal nose coil
    9 Automatically cut and fix the nose line in the mask
    10 ear band cuts off automatically
    11 The conveyor accepts complete finished masks.

    Capacity: 70 pcs per minute
    Power: 220V or 110V 5 kW
    Air pressure and air consumption: 6bar, 1200L per minute
    Machine size: 6000mm * 3800mm * 1700mm