34MQK-E20L Fuel tank reversing valve Pneumatically controlled distribution valve

Part num 34MQK-E20L

huachun tank of distributing valve 34MQK-E20L HUACHUN Top-hydraulic system oil tank parts

Original and Genuine huachun Spare Parts Valve 34MQK-E20L  for Dump Truck Hoist System


stand huachun
Model 1 34MQK-E20L
Model 2
Model 3
Tank of valve
tank of distributing valve
Dump truck Tank of valve
34MQK-E20L tank of distributing valve
Shacman dump truck Tank of valve
Howo truck truck Tank valve
Size 38*15*8cm
Weight 7kg/pcs
Price(usd) 31.4usd/pcs
place of origin Yangzhou city
Matching For SHACMAN Dump truck F2000 SHACMAN Dump truck F3000 SHACMAN M3000 Dump truck  SHACMAN X3000 Dump truck

Fonton Dump truck ouman Dump truck

CAMC Dump truck DFLZ Dump truck

North benz Dump truck

JAC Dump truck FAW Dump truck

Material High quality ductile iron+rubber
package Carton
Minimum package quantity 4pcs\carton
payment method TT
Delivery Time 1day
Supply Capacity 500/m
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34MQK-E20L pneumatic control distribution valve

34MQK-E20L pneumatic control distribution valve (weight chart)

34MQK-E20L for Dump Truck Hoist System

tank reversing valve Pneumatically con34MQK-E20L gas control distribution valve (tank contact surface)

34MQK-E20L Air Controlled Distribution Valve (Mao embryo)

distribution valve (automatic CNC machine tool processing)

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