Number of teeth 10 teeth
    transfer method Flange type
      Toad of PTO
    stand HYUNDAI
    Model 1 T160
    Model 2 62-30 PTO
    Model 3   HYUNDAI  hd260 PTO
      dump truckhd270 PTO
      HYUNDAI hd320 PTO
      HYUNDAI  hd360 PTO
      HYUNDAI hd700 PTO
      Coc-ben-T160 PTO
      CÓC BEN T160 PTO  Coc-ben-T160 PTO FACTORY
      T160 PTO  Hyundai T160 PTO COC BEN PTO HD
      Hyundai T160 PTO
    Price(usd) 218.5usd/pcs
    place of origin JINAN
    Matching engine Cóc ben PTO  HYUNDAI HD 270 dump truckhd270,  HYUNDAI hd320,  HYUNDAI hd700, HYUNDAI  hd260
    Material Ductile Iron

    stand MITSUBISHI
    Model 1
    Model 2
    Model 3 MITSUBISHI M035 PTO







    GENLYON HONGYAN+ FAT5801402884
    Weight 7.5kg/pcs
    Price(usd) 53.1usd/pcs
    place of origin JINAN
    Matching engine 4D33 ENGINE /4D34 ENGINE /D34T ENGINE CANTER649 CANTER659
    Material Ductile Iron
    package Carton
    Minimum package quantity 10pcs
  • Komatsu Loader Gear Pump 705-55-43000 Komatsu Loader Triple Gear Pump Komatsu Loader Gear Pump Komatsu Loader Repair Parts WA470-5 Gear pump Komatsu Gear Pump WA480-5H Gear PUMP WA480-5H loader PUMP

    Komatsu Loader Pump 705-55-43000, this gear pump is Triple Pump
    Parts No.: 705-55-43000
    Parts Name: Komatsu Gear Pump
    Komatsu Vehical: WA470-5, WA480-5
    Displacement: SAL125+SAL140+SAL22
    Weight: 55kg(with woden box)
    It is suitable for Komatsu Loader WA480-5H and also suitable for Komatsu Loader WA470-5. Among them, WA480-5H loader equipment model: WA480-5, rated load 6500KG, machine operating weight 18350KG, bucket capacity 3.7m³

    705-55-43000 is compatible with Komatsu Loader, which can match Komatsu WA470-5 Loader and Komatsu WA480-5H Loader. The gear pump is a Triple Pump, with 2 oil inlets and 3 oil outlets, all of which are flanged. This product is a Komatsu OEM product. The quality is the same as that of Komatsu products. Please refer to the picture for appearance. If you have special packaging requirements or corresponding customer marks, please tell us before shipping, and we will add special marks or sequences for you number

    Jinan Bohta Auto Parts Co., Ltd. specializes in operating, Japan’s Komatsu wheel loaders, hydraulic excavators, crawler bulldozers, professional parts companies, and provide parts inquiries in time. The product categories are as follows:

    Relying on the close cooperation with Komatsu and OEM factories, we are committed to the operation and sales of Komatsu excavator parts, especially in the aspects of used parts and disassembled parts. Through cooperation with Japanese merchants, it has large inventory, sufficient supply, reliable quality and price The absolute advantage over the three companies quickly occupied the market. Especially in the past two years, the business has expanded to Shantui and other construction machinery parts operation and sales. Komatsu excavator parts 1) Komatsu engine parts: Komatsu engine block, Komatsu middle cylinder assembly, Komatsu engine four matching, Komatsu crankshaft, Komatsu camshaft, Komatsu large and small tiles, Komatsu intake and exhaust valves, overhaul kit, cylinder head, Komatsu Turbocharger, Komatsu water pump, Komatsu oil pump, Komatsu generator, Komatsu starter motor, Komatsu oil pan, Komatsu diesel pump, etc. 2) Komatsu hydraulic parts: Komatsu hydraulic pumps and accessories (Komatsu pump liner, Komatsu plunger, Komatsu distributor plate, Komatsu nine-hole plate, Komatsu copper ball), Komatsu slewing motor, Komatsu slewing reducer, Komatsu slewing ring, Komatsu distribution valve , Komatsu walking motor, Komatsu boom / Komatsu stick / Komatsu bucket cylinder. 3) Komatsu chassis accessories: Komatsu chain, Komatsu track shoe, Komatsu ring gear, Komatsu support wheel, Komatsu supporting wheel, Komatsu guide wheel, Komatsu tensioning cylinder, Komatsu bucket, Komatsu various pin sleeves. 4) Komatsu cab accessories: Komatsu cab shell, Komatsu interior panel, Komatsu glass, Komatsu monitor, Komatsu computer board, Komatsu seat, wiring harness, Komatsu air conditioning control panel, Komatsu walking PPC valve, Komatsu floor mat, Komatsu control panel Wait.

    In addition, there are Chinese second-hand excavators and Chinese second-hand loaders. The tonnage ranges from 0.5 tons to 5 tons, and the brands range from Komatsu loaders, Carter loaders, Volvo loaders, Changlin loaders, forestry loaders, and Lonking loaders. Second-hand Chinese loaders such as XCMG loaders, Sangong loaders, XCMG loaders, Liebherr loaders, etc. Because there are too many loaders in China, the price is too low, so some use time is very short, and the quality Very good, the price is relatively cheap, it is your ideal need

    The contact information of Boherta Auto Parts Co., Ltd. is as follows: whatsapp: +8613573177706

    Wechat: +8613573177706

  • Genlyon Front brake hose FPT CURSOR9 Front brake hose SFH CURSOR9 Front brake hose Genlyon C100 Front brake hose Iveco STRALIS Front brake hose Iveco 682 Front brake hose

    We also provide Volvo, Scania, German Mercedes brake hose, and Chinese truck brake hose as follows:

    1 M18*1.5 L=1000mm steel wire surrounds the brake hose M18*1.5 L=1000mm special car
    2 M18×1.5 L=1000mm steel wire surrounds the brake hose M18×1.5 L=1000mm special car
    3 M18×1.5 L=600mm steel wire surrounds the brake hose M18×1.5 L=600mm special car
    4 M18*1.5 L=700 steel wire surrounds the brake hose M18×1.5 L=700mm special car root
    5 M18*1.5 L=850mm steel wire surrounds the brake hose M18×1.5 L=850mm special car root
    6 WG17017360450 front compartment brake hose HOWO only
    7 A0089971282 brake hose Benz root
    8 360163 Brake hose (one male and one female) universal only
    9 WG017360450 Brake hose assembly STEYR
    10 WG017360460 Brake hose assembly STEYR
    11 WG017360470 brake hose assembly STEYR
    12 WG017360480 Brake hose assembly STEYR
    13 WG17017360470 brake hose assembly 6*4,8*4/φ12
    14 WG17017360460 brake hose assembly 6*2/φ12
    15 WG17017360450 brake hose assembly
    16 WG9725360480 brake hose assembly HOWO only
    17 WG9725360451 brake hose assembly (length 670)
    18 WG17017360480 brake hose assembly (rear compartment brake hose) HOWO only

  • Genlyon Diaphragm spring brake chamber assembly FPT CURSOR9 Diaphragm spring brake chamber assembly SFH CURSOR9 Diaphragm spring brake chamber assembly Genlyon C100 Diaphragm spring brake chamber assembly Iveco STRALIS Diaphragm spring brake chamber assembly Iveco 682 Diaphragm spring brake chamber assembly

    We also provide Volvo, Scania, German Mercedes spring brake chamber, and Chinese truck spring brake chamber as follows:

    1 3600-3519001 spring brake chamber (diaphragm type MQP35190980001) Tate only

  • Genlyon Air dryer FPT CURSOR9 Air dryer SFH CURSOR9 Air dryer Genlyon C100 Air dryer Iveco STRALIS Air dryer Iveco 682 Air dryer

    We also provide Volvo, Scania, German Mercedes Air dryer, and Chinese truck Air dryer as follows:

    1 3511A6DP5-010 Multifunctional air dryer, Valin only
    2 1112035600048 Multifunctional air dryer Auman only
    3 199100362109 pipe 15 hose/air dryer
    4 199100362109 Pipe 15 hose/air dryer Pipe
    5 WG9100368471 air dryer HOWO only
    6 DZ9100369474 Air dryer
    7 DZ91189360016 Air dryer F3000 Air dryer
    8 WG9100368471 HOWO AIR Dryer
    9 WG9000360521 air dryer HOWO only
    10 3511ADQ-010/129129253678 Air dryer Auman only
    11 S3511010-Y63 air dryer J5K only
    12 59950-8A012 Air dryer Geerfa only
    13 WG9000360521 air dryer Dayun only
    14 1417035600070 Air Dryer Lion only
    15 3506-16136 Air dryer Beiben only
    16 3543Z24-001 Air dryer Tyrannosaurus only
    17 WG9000368471 air dryer STR only
    18 WG9000360521/4324101470/102470 air dryer (VOSS) Howo
    19 3600-3529001A air dryer (CP3511AB010) Tate only
    20 3506-79130 Air dryer (with heat sink) HYJG only XS2010
    21 AZ9100368471 air dryer (reconfiguration)
    22 AZ9100368471 Air drier (reconfiguration) Air drier
    23 J2 Air dryer and seat heating relay HOWO
    24 WG9100773056 air dryer wire harness SW
    25 WG9100773002 air dryer wire harness S5
    26 WG9100773029 air dryer wire harness 8*4
    27 AZ9100773002 air dryer wire harness STEYR
    28 AZ9100770192 air dryer wire harness
    29 AZ9100770295 air dryer wire harness
    30 AZ9100770192 Air dryer wiring harness
    31 AZ9100770295 Air dryer wiring harness
    32 AZ9719360014 Air dryer bracket HOWO
    33 WG9000360412 air dryer assembly STR only
    34 WG9000360412 air dryer assembly STR only
    35 AZ91003660828 air dryer assembly general only
    36 AZ9100368471 air dryer assembly (reconfiguration) AL only
    37 199100362109 Air pump iron pipe (pipe 15 hose/air dryer) AL only

  • Genlyon Hose FPT CURSOR9 Hose SFH CURSOR9 Hose Genlyon C100 Hose Iveco STRALIS Hose Iveco 682 Hose

    We also provide Volvo, Scania, German Mercedes Hose, and Chinese truck Hose as follows:

    1 0031 0031 Intercooler hose OM only
    2 61000060276 0276 Thermostat hose STR only
    3 61000060276 0276 Thermostat hose STR only
    4 0307 0307 Intercooler hose Φ100*200 pcs
    5 WG9719530261 08 Expansion water tank hose (large and small mouth) HOWO only
    6 WG9925530058 09HOWO intercooler hose 90*110 HOWO only
    7 DZ93259535401 5401 intercooler hose F3000 only
    8 DZ93259535410 5410 intercooler hose (S type) F3000 only
    9 DZ91259535801 5801 intercooler outlet pipe (silicone tube) AL only
    10 WG9718550084 LNG intake hose HOWO only
    11 WG9525551303 LNG intake hose HOWO only
    12 116000330014 Door glass rubber tube sleeve STEYR
    13 16000330014 Door glass rubber tube sleeve
    14 16000330014 Door glass rubber tube sleeve
    15 WG1664826020 molding hose (cold water) HOWO only
    16 WG1642840091 forming hose I (S type warm air hose) HOWO
    17 WG1642840092 forming hose Ⅱ (S warm air hose) HOWO
    18 WG9531190031 air outlet hose HOWO only
    19 DZ9112530003 Hose for intercooler with large and small mouth Delong only
    20 87311-20-20*1SN*1380 Crane high pressure hose 20491-45-20T Yangtze River 55T root
    21 612600110824 Rubber hose with fiber interlayer (supercharger outlet hose) Euro 2 Pipe
    22 612600130370 Engine hose WP10 root
    23 WG9525530191 engine exhaust hose HOWO only
    24 WG9525530691 engine exhaust hose HOWO only
    25 2528 Directional Oil Can Rubber Hose Mercedes Root
    26 2528 Directional oil can hose*16 Benz root
    27 2528 Steering oil can hose*22 long Benz root
    28 85013000161 Water distribution pipe to water pump hose Tongli
    29 WG9770110008 auxiliary warm air outlet hose
    30 A5609976352 high pressure hose Benz root
    31 27160105701 High pressure hose-1500 Howo only
    32 WG9525551381 gas supply hose HOWO only
    33 WG9525551382 gas supply hose HOWO only
    34 DZ9112530003 silicone pipe inlet pipe
    35 2300-1315033 silicone pipe inlet pipe
    36 DZ9114530780 silicone tube clip
    37 DZ9112530002 silicone hose hose joint
    38 DZ9112530003 silicone hose hose joint
    39 DZ9112530007 silicone hose Hose joint
    40 DZ9112530002 silicone hose Hose joint
    41 DZ9112530003 silicone hose Hose joint
    42 DZ911253002 silicone hose Hose joint
    43 A5065011582 silicone tube Benz root
    44 A5065101182 silicone tube Benz root
    45 A5065011882 silicone tube Benz
    46 612600110824 silicone tube Benz only
    47 81560110220 Silicone tube Benz only
    48 2631 silicone tube Benz only
    49 DZ93259535510 Silicone tube Delong only
    50 DZ93259535504 Silicone tube Delong only
    51 DZ95259530613 Silicone tube (natural gas) blue DL/M3000 only
    52 A5065015481 Silicone tube*01 Benz
    53 A5065010382 Silicone tube*02 Benz root
    54 A5065010482 Silicone tube*03 Benz
    55 A5065010282 Silicone tube 04 Benz strip
    56 WG9525530562 transition hose HOWO only
    57 YZ4105ZQ-01152 Rubber hose for breathing apparatus YZ4105ZLQ only
    58 61500010079 Oil filler hose Steyr root
    59 61000060262 Hose
    60 WG9112530451 hose 75CM
    61 WG9112530481 hose 250CM
    62 WG9112530480 hose 195CM
    63 WG9716530307 hose HOWO
    64 WG9716530305 hose HOWO
    65 VG61000060276 hose
    66 612600111919 hose
    67 612600111919 Hose
    68 A5069970182 Hose Benz root
    69 3500-1302013 hose Tate only
    70 3500-1302016 Hose Tate only
    71 3500-1302011 Hose Tate only
    72 3500-1302015 Hose Tate only
    73 wg9251190912 hose HOWO only
    74 202V09418-0001 Hose Hyva only
    75 202V09418-0002 hose Hyva only
    76 202V13201-0002 hose HOWO only
    77 WG9525530092 hose HOWO only
    78 VG1238110039 hose HOWO only
    79 30 long inner diameter 75 bend 90 hose, hose top only
    80 WG9719530228 hose (HOWO)
    81 JG hose 105*110*210 only
    82 DZ95259535406 hose (water tank water pipe) F3000 root
    83 JB/T1886-77 Hose joint (B8II-2000) Tate only
    84 5450-3521110 Hose assembly Tate only
    85 5450-3521120 Hose assembly (I) Tate only
    86 5450-3521150 Hose assembly (V) Tate only
    87 Thermostat hose, Benz set
    88 DZ93259535326 Thermostat hose Delong F3000 only
    89 612600060518 Thermostat hose Auman only
    90 612600113037 Thermostat hose (slow S type) WD618
    91 wg9725191432 inlet hose diameter 155*185 HOWO only
    92 A5060942128 Intake hose for Benz only
    93 WG9925190004 Intake hose
    94 WG9770190003 intake hose
    95 DZ93319190191 Air intake hose Delonghi F3000 only Патрубок воздухозаборника Shaanxi F3000
    96 WG9525190017 intake hose HOWO only
    97 DZ9112530007 air intake frog hose (intercooler hose) AL dump truck only
    98 DZ9112530002 Air intake frog hose (intercooler hose) AL only
    99 DZ9112530003 Air intake frog hose (intercooler hose) AL only
    100 WG9725538008 water inlet hose HOWO
    101 WG9925530006 Water inlet hose HOWO only Патрубок радиатора верхний малый A-7 D12 (d=60 L=100)
    102 DZ96259535042 Water inlet hose (375 horsepower on the water tank) New M3000 only
    103 3500-1109012 Air filter intake hose Tate only
    104 VG1034130038 Air compressor outlet pipe rubber hose HOWO only
    105 082V09402-0281 Air compressor intake hose HOWO only
    106 WG1246120078 coolant rubber hose HOWO only
    107 WG1246120079 coolant rubber hose HOWO only
    108 WG1246120081 coolant rubber hose HOWO only
    109 WG1246120082 coolant rubber hose HOWO only
    110 1602-34316 40169300 Clutch rubber hose RED ROCK only RUBBER HOSE
    111 WG9925530082 warm air return hose HOWO only
    112 WG9512530025 warm air return hose HOWO only
    113 WG9725538236 heater hose (S type long) HOWO only
    114 WG9725538238-1 heater hose (length 1.5) HOWO root
    115 WG9525530231 heater hose HOWO only
    116 WG9727530035 heater hose HOWO only
    117 WG9725537237 warm air hose (1030mm)
    118 WG9725537236 heater hose (780mm)
    119 NFJG heater hose (Aolong) Aolong set
    120 WG9925530095 warm air inlet hose HOWO only
    121 WG9719530047 expansion water tank L-shaped hose 20*3700
    122 WG9925530021 Expansion tank Hose
    123 WG9725531603 Expansion water tank hose HOWO only
    124 WG9719530039 expansion water tank hose 20*3500 60 mine
    125 WG9114530138 expansion water tank hose (rubber hose) STEYR m
    126 WG9114530139 Expansion water tank hose Φ8 (rubber hose) STEYR
    127 190003989300 Expansion water tank hose clamp STR only
    128 WG9719530031 Expansion tank hose 8*3400
    129 WG9719530033 Expansion tank hose 8*3900
    130 WG9719530038 expansion tank hose 8*4100 60 mine
    131 WG9719530037 expansion tank hose 8*4500 60 mines
    132 QBJGC air pump hose (long) STR root
    133 QBJGD air pump hose (short) STR root
    134 WG9770110007 fuel heater outlet hose
    135 WG9770110006 fuel heater water inlet hose
    136 DZ1600840131 three-point hose (dry-steam) long AL root
    137 27160108341 Hose from three-way block to lift valve Lingong only
    138 WG9925530632 radiator water outlet hose HOWO only
    139 WG9525530228 radiator water outlet hose HOWO only
    140 WG9525530690 radiator degassing hose HOWO only
    141 WG9725530146 radiator water inlet hose HOWO only
    142 WG9525530190 radiator vent hose HOWO only
    143 WG9925530034 Inletwater pipe
    144 1606N-026 Oil hose (Central South) Dongfeng only
    145 61800060157 Water pump hose (water pump hose) Tongli 618
    146 WG9112530470 water tank hose 33CM
    147 WG9112530469 water tank hose 90CM
    148 WG9112530468 water tank hose 140CM
    149 AZ9112530469 Water tank hose 90CM
    150 WG9112531053 water tank hose STEYR
    151 DZ95259535508 Water tank hose (water tank hose) Delong only
    152 DZ93259535013 Water tank water pipe silicone tube Φ55*Φ60*100 Haoyun only
    153 85013150103 Tongli silicone hose/division hose with same force
    154 85013030014 Tongli water tank hose / 5202 Tongli 875 roots
    155 4814 119-02260 Same force right angle hose with force
    156 DZ9112530007 wow hose
    157 DZ9112530002 wow hose
    158 DZ9112530007 wow hose
    159 DZ9112530002 wow hose
    160 DZ9112530003 wow hose
    161 DZ9112530007 wow hose
    162 DZ9112530002 wow hose
    163 DZ9112530003 wow hose
    164 DZ9112530002 Frog glue outlet pipe (intercooler hose) AL only
    165 DZ9112530007 Frog hose (intercooler hose) AL only
    166 612600011106 Non-fiber laminated rubber hose
    167 WG9925530036 Ootletwater pipe
    168 612600130013 rubber hose
    169 612600130014 rubber hose
    170 612600 130222 rubber hose
    171 612600130014 rubber hose
    172 612600130222 rubber hose
    173 612600130014 rubber hose
    174 612600130222 Rubber hose
    175 612600130014 rubber hose
    176 612600130222 Rubber hose
    177 612600130014 Rubber hose
    178 WG9725190906 rubber tube 104 (09 models) HOWO pieces
    179 612600010638 rubber hose clamp
    180 VG2600010638 rubber hose clamp
    181 612600010638 rubber hose clamp
    182 612600010638 rubber hose clamp
    183 612600010638 rubber hose clamp
    184 612600010638 Clamp
    185 190003129006 rubber nozzle
    186 90003129006 Rubber nozzle
    187 190003129055 rubber nozzle
    188 190003129055 Rubber jacket
    189 90003129006 Rubber outlet
    190 19000319055 rubber nozzle
    191 16100860125 Rubber pipe sleeve
    192 16100860125 Rubber pipe
    193 WG9725190905 rubber hose assembly 180 (09 models) HOWO pieces
    194 3500-3410040 Oil pump inlet hose assembly Tate only
    195 3600-3410030 Oil cylinder hose assembly Tate only
    196 3500-3410070 Hydraulic cylinder hose assembly II Tate only
    197 3600A-5002004A Cylinder hose assembly II (LTB36) Tate only
    198 DZ93259530012(DZ93259535332) hose from turbocharger to intercooler (length 14 inner diameter 65 with outer clamp) new M3000 only
    199 Supercharger hose Benz
    200 turbocharger hose Benz
    201 612600110824 Supercharger hose (diameter 70*80) 68 grade only
    202 81560110220 Supercharger air inlet hose
    203 612600111919 Supercharger air inlet hose 2 Euros Rubber pipe
    204 DZ9112530003 turbocharged intercooler hose 70*100MM only
    205 DZ96259535064 Intercooled air outlet hose new M3000 only
    206 WG9925530069 intercooler hose, Sinotruk only
    207 WG9719530307 Intercooler outlet hose 70 mine only Intercooler outlet hose
    208 WG9770530192 intercooler outlet hose HOWO only
    209 WG9719530207 intercooler outlet hose (EPDM rubber)
    210 0148 Intercooler hose Φ100*110 only
    211 0107 Intercooler hose Φ80*100 pcs
    212 0107/2 Intercooler hose Φ70*100 pcs
    213 DZ9325953515 Intercooler hose F3000 only
    214 DZ9325935601 intercooler hose F3000 only
    215 NZ9531530005 Intercooler hose Haoyun only
    216 DZ911253003 Intercooler hose 100*110 only
    217 VG1047110103 intercooler hose HOWO only
    218 DZ93259535315 Intercooler hose Delong/new M3000 only
    219 WG9730530011 intercooler hose HOWO only
    220 1324211900006 intercooler hose Auman 5 pcs
    221 WG9725530192 intercooler hose 60 mines
    222 WG9725530178 intercooler hose 60 mines
    223 WG9925530053 CAC Hose
    224 DZ9911250049 intercooler hose Aolong only
    225 DZ96259535001 Intercooler hose M3000 only
    226 DZ93259535332 Intercooler hose M3000 only
    227 DZ9112530001 Intercooler hose DL/M3000 only
    228 WG9925530069 intercooler hose Hyva only
    229 WG9525530522 intercooler hose HOWO only
    230 WG9719530388 intercooler hose HOWO root
    231 WG9719530390 intercooler hose HOWO root
    232 WG9112530188 intercooler hose (100*200) hose connector STEYR
    233 2631 Intercooler hose*100*23 Benz
    234 WG9112530148 intercooler hose 100*100 (supercharger outlet) 100*100 only
    235 WG9719530108 Intercooler hose 100*145 (exhaust) HOWO100*145 only Intercooler hoses
    236 BF6L1013 Intercooler hose 80*20 Benz root
    237 1418311935003 Intercooler hose S type Auman only
    238 WG9725530157 intercooler hose (100*100) HOWO only
    239 WG9125530902 intercooler hose (100*260) Golden Prince only
    240 WG9112530149 intercooler hose (110*100 intercooler air inlet) 110*100 only
    241 DZ93259535402 Intercooler hose (5402) Delong only
    242 DZ91259535602 intercooler hose (EPDM hose) with force only
    243 WG9731530044 (WG9709530318) Intercooler hose (L type) HOWO only
    244 WG9709530318 (WG9709530044) Intercooler hose (L type size mouth 09 models) HOWO only
    245 WG97199530318 (WG9709530044) Intercooler hose (L-shaped size mouth) HOWO only
    246 Intercooler hose (XMQ6128Y) Jinlong only
    247 DZ96259530002 Intercooler hose (outlet 9625) M3000 only
    248 DZ95259535815 Intercooler hose (silicone tube) DL only
    249 ZLQJG intercooler hose with three rings (95*160) general purpose only
    250 AZ1557060013 intercooler hose inner diameter 5.5 length 9.5 with drum HOWO only
    251 WG9725530157 intercooler air inlet hose
    252 WG9730530011 intercooler air inlet hose
    253 WG9525530168 Intercooler air intake hose HOWO only
    254 3600-3410050 Steering gear oil return hose assembly Tate only
    255 3501C-3410060 Steering gear oil inlet hose assembly Tate only

  • Genlyon Relay valve FPT CURSOR9 Relay valve SFH CURSOR9 Relay valve Genlyon C100 Relay valve Iveco STRALIS Relay valve Iveco 682 Relay valve

    We also provide Volvo, Scania, German Mercedes Relay valve, and Chinese truck Relay valve as follows:

    1 SJDF 162 hand relay valve (open water) 162
    2 HALDEX ABS relay valve trailer only
    3 CP3-3518010 Differential relay valve XHY only
    4 MQPs-3530101 differential relay valve special vehicle
    5 59520-Y3B00.2 Differential relay valve Geerfa only
    6 P42503560130 Differential relay valve Dayun only
    7 15257356B0002 Differential relay valve Auman only
    8 3508300TO Differential relay valve Geerfa only
    9 MG401-3527010 Differential relay valve Tyrannosaurus only
    10 3506-15885 Differential relay valve Hongyan only
    11 3527ZB1-001 Differential relay valve Tianlong only
    12 9710021510B Leading relay valve (STR) general only
    13 870BAHO07200 Leading emergency relay valve Dayun only
    14 WG9000360134 relay valve STEYR
    15 JDF relay valve XDW only
    16 81.85116.6071 Relay valve
    17 A0014296844 Relay valve for Benz only
    18 A99014360047MS relay valve Mercedes-Benz
    19 1104635600070 Relay valve Jie Ling only Кран тормозной FOTON (Фотон)
    20 9730112030 Relay valve Wabok only Relay valve
    21 3518DA Relay valve Sun Life Only
    22 MQPs-3530001 WG9000360134 relay valve special car
    23 3506510G1810 Relay valve Geerfa only
    24 81.52116.6070 Relay valve X3000 only
    25 59510-Y3B00.2 Relay valve Geerfa only
    26 3518020-2K6 Relay valve FAW Hongta only
    27 3518015-382 Relay valve Aowei only
    28 352AAF01000 Relay valve Dayun only
    29 3518010-363 Relay valve Hanwei only
    30 3518010-50A Relay valve J6 only
    31 3518010-382 Relay valve Hanwei only
    32 3518010-73A Relay valve Aowei only
    33 3518010-D160 Relay valve Sailong only
    34 3516010-367 Relay valve Aowei only
    35 3516020-435 Relay valve Aowei only
    36 3518010-x156 Relay valve Sailong only
    37 3516010-368 Relay valve Aowei only
    38 3516020-362 Relay valve Hanwei only
    39 3516020-367 Relay valve Aowei only
    40 3527N50-010 Relay valve Dongfeng only
    41 1325135680060 Relay valve Auman only
    42 W3518010-1K5 Relay valve FAW Hongta only
    43 WGA9000360134 Relay valve A7 only
    44 1284290044 Relay valve Beiben only
    45 5204290444 Relay valve Beiben only
    46 3527Z26-010K Relay valve Tyrannosaurus only
    47 1417035600091/35180010010 Relay valve Auman only
    48 3518010-Q491 Relay valve New Dawei only
    49 3518020-Q491 Relay valve New Dawei only
    50 DZ9112360047 Relay valve (6 holes) AL only
    51 2629 Relay valve*7 holes Benz
    52 WG9000360134/RL3518AA relay valve 35180010010 STR only
    53 WG9000360524/RL35180190730 relay valve 35180190730 Aowei foot relay valve only
    54 1417335628002 General 1b2b03990016A Relay valve (35180090130) Auman
    55 1b2b03990016A General purpose 141733562802 relay valve (35180090130) Auman
    56 WG9000360506 relay valve (4 holes) 08 HOWO only
    57 81.52116.6071 Relay valve (5 holes) Weichai mine car only
    58 3600A-3506005A Relay valve (CP1-3518010) Tate only
    59 AZ9014360047 relay valve (the same force 875) Aolong only
    60 3518020-Q4998 Relay valve with hand relay valve Qingdao FAW only
    61 3518020-439 Relay valve with hand relay valve Aowei only
    62 3518010-434 Relay valve with manual relay valve Aowei only
    63 199014360808 Relay valve repair kit STEYR
    64 AZ9725360044 relay valve bracket
    65 3527ADY-010 wg9730010200 relay valve assembly VALVE DE POUMON ARG 3527ADY-020-Wg9730010200
    66 EZ9K869361004 WG9000360524 relay valve assembly (4 holes) Yangzhou Shengda only
    67 Three bridge relay valve trailer only Bridge relay valve
    68 9-m18*1.5 Three-axle emergency relay valve (improved type) General purpose only
    69 200 Brake King Relay Valve (Large) Mercedes-Benz
    70 3518010-Y28 Echizen relay valve combination Aowei only
    71 3527TB-010 Echizen emergency relay valve Dongfeng only

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