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Jinan Boherta Auto Parts Co., Ltd. (BHT) is a manufacturing and trading company. We have been in SINOTRUK parts and EURO truck parts and Excavator parts, Chinese loader parts, Japanese excavator parts, Korean auto parts, Chinese bulldozer parts, and car maintenance equipment, as well as European truck parts OEM spare parts for more than 10 years. We are the most professional supplier who sell those auto spare parts directly from Chinese factory.
Our products fit a range of heavy duty trucks, trailers and lorry and mechanical vehicles, such as sinotruck parts HOWO truck parts, FOTON truck PARTS, CHINA STEYR AUTO PARTS, CHIAN XI AN CITY SHACMAN AUTO PARTS, HUBEI SHIYAN CITY Dongfeng AUTO PARTS,CHANGCHUN CITY FAW truck parts WEIFANG CITY WEICHAI ENGINE PARTS, WP2.3 WP 6 WP7 WP9H WP10 WP12 WP16,etc …

EUROPE TRUCK PARTS: MERCEDES BENZ truck parts,BENZ Cylinder block,BENZ crankshaft, BENZ engine piston, BENZ engine cylinder liner, BENZ engine starter,BENZ engine generator,BENZ diesel generator set, VOLVO truck parts,VOLVO Cylinder block,VOLVO crankshaft, VOLVO engine piston, VOLVO engine cylinder liner, VOLVO engine starter, VOLVO engine generator, VOLVO diesel generator set SCANIA truck parts,SCANIA Cylinder block, SCANIA crankshaft, SCANIA engine piston, SCANIA engine cylinder liner, SCANIA engine starter, SCANIA engine generator, SCANIA diesel generator set RENAULT truck parts(RVI tuck parts),RENAULT Cylinder block, RENAULT crankshaft, RENAULT engine piston, RENAULT engine RENAULT cylinder liner, RENAULT engine starter, RENAULT engine generator, RENAULT diesel generator set MAN truck parts,MAN Cylinder block,MAN crankshaft,MAN engine piston,MAN engine cylinder liner,MAN engine starter,MAN engine generator, MANdiesel generator set.MACK truck parts, IVECO truck parts,IVECO Cylinder block,IVECO crankshaft,IVECO engine piston,IVECO engine cylinder liner,IVECO engine starter,IVECO engine generator,IVECO diesel generator set. DAF truck parts, PERKINS engine parts, CUMMINS ENGINE PARTS, DEUTZ ENGINE PARTS, CATEPILLAR AUTO PART and other auto parts, Bosch electrical appliance, Bosch common rail assembly, Bosch injector, Denso injector, high pressure oil pump, various common rail Rail pressure sensor, common rail pressure relief valve, engine sensor, including water temperature sensor, fuel sensor, oil pressure sensor, ancillary products etc ..

Jinan Boherta Trading Co., Ltd. added a professional hydraulic system system. The company’s subsidiaries include: Germany “Lekefu” Transmission Technology Limited, “Jinan Boherta trading company”, involving various PTO production, and proportional control control valve, PT valve production, and design A full set of hydraulic pumping station system, dump truck hydraulic lifting system. The product is commonly used in the hydraulic system of most dump trucks in the world. Become an effective supplementary backup supplier for HYVA hydraulic lifting system.
Boherta mainly produces proportional air valves, 147671391475216714752165H14750150H/D 14752165H147550644H-2-TF/PN14750652H14750667H5737680001D1380001DCM02 DCM03 fuel tank distribution valve, mainly supporting HYVA’s 3 holes, 4 holes, 4 holes with wire, 5 holes new style, 5 holes old style, 5 holes with light And other products, the fuel tank PT valve mainly includes 14767119LC 14767125LC 14708319 14767459 14767454 14767456 14767458 14767460 14767462 14767461 14767455 14767457 HT-SAE-1220-250 14767463LC .PZB181117-W1063
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