HYVA 14750667 bkqf 34-a Proportional valve Hyva Air Controller Valves Lift control valve PTO VALVE Air Control Valve HYVA

The original manufacturer of this proportional control valve is the Dutch HYVA Group. The company’s products are HYVA replacement products, non-original HYVA products. The product adopts high-quality aluminum alloy blanks, which has reached the original sealing level of HYVA through the infiltration process. The internal structure has been improved to better suit the use of tropical humid environments, which effectively avoids the corrosion caused by the original HYVA valve copper core caused by water. Product life. This product has two numbers: 14750667 and bkqf 34-a, the same model, the same function, but the number is different. Please rest assured to buy. From the analysis of the sales situation in the past 5 years, the return rate is within 2%.

The company also produces Chinese-made Huachun series hydraulic lifting system kits, as well as HYVA series proportional control gas valves, fuel tank reversing valves, and other related products. Welcome to purchase complete sets.

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HYVA 14750667H Lifting control valve (3 holes)

HYVA 14750667 another number:

bkqf 34-a another name:Proportional valve or

Hyva Air Controller Valves or

Lift control valve PTO VALVE or

Air Control Valve HYVA

bkqf 34-a
Proportional valve
Lifting control valve (3 holes)

Lifting control valve (3 holes)

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SHACMAN M3000 Dump truck  SHACMAN X3000 Dump truck

Fonton Dump truck ouman Dump truck CAMC Dump truck

DFLZ Dump truck North benz Dump truck JAC Dump truck

FAW ump truckScania dump truck, Volvo dump truck,

daf dump truck, Renault dump truck,

Tata dump truck, NASDAW dump truck, Iveco dump truck.

tata dump truck

Divided into large handle, small handle, small handle is HYVA original state. The large handle is in an improved state, which is more conducive to operation

Hyva Air Controller Valves

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