Outstanding design
Synchronous European Design

In appearance, it inherits the classic “double V-shaped European-style front face” of the IVECO family, creating a new image of domestic high-end heavy trucks;

The integrated bright headlights, dual air ducts on the front side, and the rounded high ceiling design gracefully outline the atmosphere and modernity of the cab. The domineering and unobtrusive style is more pragmatic and confidence.

In terms of paint, the world’s most advanced paint technology is used (currently there are only two paint lines in the world using this kind of advanced technology, this is one of them), with good texture and high grade, and can effectively resist acid and alkali corrosion;

The top of the cab adopts an arc design, the appearance is imposing, and the pillars on both sides of the shunt effectively reduce wind resistance, and lower fuel consumption and a more economical cab.


The vehicle adopts a four-point suspension design in the cab, with airbags suspended, and is equipped with a flat-floor cab and airbag seats in the driver’s seat, which improves driving comfort.

Easy to operate: The instrument panel is designed and selected scientifically in accordance with European standards, the layout is ergonomic, and the colors are matched, which makes the driver easy to operate and less prone to fatigue.

Noise reduction: Experimental test, the indoor noise of “Jieshi” GENLYON products at a uniform speed is 68 ± 2db (the domestic standard is 90db), maintaining a happy mood and reducing hidden safety hazards;

Detailed experience: The door of the cab opens to almost 90 degrees, plus a highly-level three-level pedal, even if the height is not high, there is no pressure to get on and off, which can be described as extremely convenient for the driver.


Backward movement of the cab: Passed the test of ECE R29 to verify the European crash standard, the cab adopts a four-point suspension design and unique technology of rearward movement of the cab to maximize the safety of the driver and passenger; the overall stamped cab, 80% Adopt high-precision welding of double-sided galvanized sheet, the thickest part of the body is as high as 1.5mm, to protect the driver and passengers at all times. Stable braking system: equipped with FAST hydraulic retarder and ESP products, stable braking system, anti-lock and anti-roll , Comprehensively improve vehicle reliability and effectively reduce the probability of accidents.

Electronic control optimization: Relying on the technical heritage that IVECO has developed over the years, “Jieshi” GENLYON uses a multi-function display instrument panel and CAN-BUS bus. Mature technology enables the engine ECU, body controller, instrument panel, driving recorder 6 modules including ABS, ABS and rearview mirror controller have been organically combined, which has changed the immature state of domestic CAN bus technology and reduced the failure rate of electrical appliances;

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Cursor11 Engine for Iveco truck, Red Rock truck, GENLYON truck, Fiat truck

Low-speed response breakthrough
The CURSOR11 engine uses HTT supercharger, which can reach 90% of the maximum torque of 2100N · M at 1000rpm, and the power performance is outstanding;

GENLYON hongyan truck Rock interior

Low-speed response breakthrough
The CURSOR11 engine uses HTT supercharger, which can reach 90% of the maximum torque of 2100N · M at 1000rpm, and the power performance is outstanding;

GENLYON ACC adaptive cruise system

Advanced Intelligent Assisted Driving System
Hongyan Jiesi is equipped with advanced intelligent driving assistance system, equipped with LDWS lane departure warning, FCW front collision system, DMS driver behavior analysis, AEBS automatic emergency braking, ESP electronic stability system, TPMS tire temperature and tire pressure monitoring system, steering Wheel flat tire emergency safety device, TABS anti-lock braking system, TRSP trailer anti-rollover system, TSR suspension protection system, iTAP trailer control system, ACC adaptive cruise system, loading and unloading safety interlocking devices, etc. Safe driving provides a certain guarantee, which greatly improves driving safety.

GENLYON Reliability test upgrade

The engine has passed the 3000-hour long-endurance, 2000-hour thermal shock, and over 20,000-hour FIAT standard tests to ensure that the product has no overhaul for one million kilometers. At the same time, the SCR passed the FIAT bench durability test and optimized the FIAT technology to reduce NOx. PM reduces the exhaust back pressure and effectively improves the power and reliability of the engine.

Low temperature start breakthrough
Adopting low-temperature starting technology, it can smoothly realize cold start at minus 30 ℃, and widely adapt to the large and expansive Chinese road transportation environment