FAW/Dongfeng/SINOTRUCK/SHACMAN/FOTON…Hundreds of heavy-duty trucks in the heavy-duty truck market keep signing on in March. Who is the number one?

In China, March is the traditional peak season for the heavy truck market. So, how prosperous is the market in peak season? Take a look at the order status of various heavy-duty truck companies!


In March, FAW Jiefang continued to maintain a hot sales momentum.

At the beginning of March, FAW Jiefang received a large purchase order for 200 vehicles in Tangshan; FAW Jiefang signed a cooperation agreement with a major customer in Shanghai for 100 550-horsepower J7 tractors; on March 10, 100 FAW Jiefang J6P dump trucks were delivered to Hefei; On March 11, Jiefang J6P 6X4 Quality Benefit Version 2.0+ Tractor Guangxi Liuzhou Regional Product Promotion Conference won 61 car purchase orders on the spot; on March 25, Jiefang and Panthers joint customization base was inaugurated, and 50 J7 orders were obtained on the spot.

FAW original parts factory


Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle: Hebei opens a new store and gets 299 orders

At the beginning of March, Dongfeng Commercial Vehicles held a total of promotion activities in the Guangdong region, and accumulated more than 270 car purchase intention orders, with more than 60 early transactions; 100 Dongfeng Changxing D7V fuel tractors were delivered to customers in Xinjiang; in addition, Dongfeng Commercial Vehicles were located in Jiangxi and Sichuan, Shaanxi, Shanghai, and Hebei have obtained bulk orders; on March 16, 100 Dongfeng Tianlong KL electric tractors were delivered to Linzhou.

DONGFENG 4-2 Gas Truck


Sinotruck: Howo TH7 heavy truck sales exceed 10,000

On March 16th, Sinotruk Shandeka National VI Gas Vehicle Group Purchase Meeting at Yulin Station, a total of nearly one hundred vehicles were sold on the spot; in mid-to-late March, one hundred Sinotruk Howo TX dump trucks appeared in the main urban area of Baoding, for Baoding Urban construction projects are escorted; on March 26, Sinotruk’s 10,000th Howo TH7 heavy truck was delivered.

china truck part factory


shacman: deliver cars in multiple locations to achieve a good start in the first quarter

In March, Shacman launched group buying promotion and panic buying meetings in Anhui, Shaanxi, Beijing-Tianjin, Shanxi, Yunnan, Inner Mongolia and other regions, and received bulk orders or intention orders on the spot.


On March 10, Delong X5000 was delivered in batches to the Suzhou area; on March 15, Shaanxi Automobile’s National VI dump trucks were delivered to Shaanxi Water Group in batches; in late March, Shaanxi Automobile’s heavy-duty trucks made a good start in Guilin, and the first batch of dump trucks were successfully delivered to customers ; Shaanxi Automobile Heavy-duty Truck M3000 S/M3000 dump trucks were delivered to Guangdong area; Shaanxi Automobile M3000 S new products landed in Qian’an, Hebei, and 118 ready-made orders were cut…


Foton Mercedes-Benz Daimler: Sales in North China surpassed 10,000

On March 2, Foton Daimler’s “50 thousand Auman automatic heavy trucks” rolled off the assembly line; on March 10, 100 Auman regulated muck trucks were delivered to Qinghai; in mid-March, customers in Beijing purchased one-off Purchased 100 of Foton-Mercedes-Benz-Daimler’s Auman full attendance dump trucks, and signed a follow-up order for 500 vehicles; on March 27, Foton Mercedes-Benz Daimler’s sales in the North China market exceeded 10,000, with automatic transmissions. The 10188th heavy truck was delivered to Shijiazhuang.

SAIC Hongyan Iveco Lion

SAIC Hongyan: 100 tractors delivered in Shanxi

On March 12, 100 Hongyan Jieshi tractors were delivered to customers in Shuozhou, Shanxi; On March 23, SAIC Hongyan 100 Hongyan Jieshi M500 Pro tractors were delivered in Shenzhen, and another 200 were signed on site. Big single.

cersor 9

XCMG Heavy Truck: undreds  Hanfeng G7 natural gas tractors delivered to Gansu

In mid-March, XCMG heavy trucks received tens of millions of orders, and hundreds of Hanfeng G7 natural gas tractors were delivered to Gansu; on March 17, 75 off-highway wide-body dump trucks were delivered to Guizhou and Xinjiang; on March 18, XCMG heavy trucks Pure electric products are exported to Oceania in batches.

G7 natural gas tractor


North benz heavy truck: 168 Beiben new V3MT delivered to Jinhua

On March 15, the North benz V3ET elite tractor was delivered to customers in Zhangjiakou in batches; on March 18, the North benz National VI 8×6 special operating vehicle chassis was rolled off the production line and successfully delivered to Jereh Group; March 23, 168 North benz’s new V3MT was delivered to Jinhua; in late March, North benz Heavy Duty Truck achieved batch delivery in Jiangsu, Wuhai, and Jiangxi respectively; on March 24, batches of North benz standard volume mixer trucks were delivered to Jiangsu customers.

North benz heavy truck

sanyi dump truck 

New Sany dump trucks launched, cut 1468 orders

On March 18, SANY lightweight mixer trucks were delivered to Lanzhou in batches; on March 18, Sany dump trucks “three arrows together”, a new generation of three dump trucks were officially released, and the debut of new dump trucks won 1,468 orders .

In March 2021, the heavy-duty truck market is in full swing, with hundreds of large orders from various companies appearing frequently. Obviously, the hot atmosphere in the heavy-duty truck market in January and February of this year continued throughout March. It can be seen that the heavy-duty truck market in the first quarter of this year must be the same. So, how much can the heavy truck market grow in March? Which brand’s growth rate will lead the industry? It is worth looking forward to.


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